Hello there!

If you wanted to know a bit more about us (True Me that is), you have come to the right place. Bear with us while we give you a brief (promise) history about who we are (#forreals).

True Me is the next generation in heat styling tools developed by the clever people who bought you GHD and Cloud Nine (who you might already know). As you might have picked up (we weren’t very subtle, were we?), the True Me team know a thing or two about how to create the very best iron.

They’ve been working away on the True Me stylers for a little while, because they happen to be perfectionists and were sticking to their goal of creating a product that is the very best (legitimately).

As you might have picked up (again with the lack of subtlety #sorry), True Me are doing things a bit differently.

Why? It’s pretty simple. True Me wanted to turn a ‘good’ hair day to great. To help you reach all your #hairgoals by rising above the clouds to reach the stars (how punny are we?).

How? This is the good bit.

  1. True Me was developed by the same team who brought you GHD and Cloud Nine. You might know who they are..!
  2. True Me are professional grade irons (without the hefty price tag). This means it has all the technology, power and features that would impress even the most seasoned hair stylist.
  3. True Me has an RRP of $179. When we said it was a professional grade iron without the price tag, we meant it.
  4. True Me has an exclusive 3 YEAR warranty (basically unheard of these days) for that extra bit of confidence when you are *adding to cart*.
  5. True Me stylers include a range of top notch features like (take a deep breath and try to say this all in one go, we dare you!) Keratin-infused ceramic plates with the absolute latest in ion-lock technology (which makes it easier to style with longer-lasting results), one-touch temperature control panel, 360 degree swivel cord, universal voltage, hibernation mode (after 20 minutes of inactivity) and a protective heat guard.

So, that’s us. In a beautiful rose gold and navy nutshell.

Team True Me