En Pointe (Collective)

We love statement earrings more than carbs.

Ok. Maybe not quite, but you get the picture.

But when it came to pulling together our True Me campaign shoot (with the help of super stylist Renee Roshene), we couldn’t go past a bit (or a lot) of En Pointe Collective.

We first found them on the gram (the source of many, many good finds) and are all over their collection of statement earrings, headwear, neckpieces and a good side of bridal baubles.

For extra #inspo, En Pointe is regularly seen on some of our favourite gram girls.

So as soon as we had the chance, we called in half their collection which you’ll see on the images from our gorgeous models.

But here’s a little shortlist of our fave’s if you feel like adding a little somethin’ somethin’ to cart.

  1. We loved the Astrid with its subtle gold star and pearl drop (a great day option for work with hair pulled back).
  2. The Atlantis is a fab double drop with a turquoise feature stone that looks beautiful with a natural blow-out.
  3. It was hard to go past the Frou Frou hoops because they were a little bit RiRi and a LOT cool.
  4. For the minimalists amongst us, the Milla’s are sleek and work back with just about anything.

Be sure to learn from our past mistakes, sign up to the En Pointe Collective newsletter to be the first to hear about new deliveries. And repeat after us, get in quick!


Coachella #inspo

Ah, Coachella. It never fails to disappoint on any front (aside from the fact that we didn’t go this year) with the ah-mazing acts, festival fashion and all the incredible hair trends that come out of it.

Aside from having a serious case of #fomo, we couldn’t get enough of one seriously stunning Aussie beauty who took loose textured waves to the next level.

We’ll start with Elle Ferguson. Her long blonde mane is the envy of half the population’s women (and a good proportion of men). She’s the founder of too-good self tanning brand the Elle Effect and one of the most in-demand digital influencers on the planet.

Her incredible hair is on the top of our #hairgoals list on the best of days, and Coachella was no exception.

If you’ve got a spare minute (more like 10) for a scroll through the gram, you may well end up with quite a few images in your archives.

#TeamTrueMe Ellen Reed

This is the first (and very exciting) in our #teamtrueme series where we’ll be profiling incredible people who are living their True Me.

We’ve had quite a few people ask us what the name True Me means over the last couple of weeks. As you might have picked up (we haven’t been all that subtle), we aren’t looking to do things the same as the others (you know who they are).

The True Me brand is all about authenticity, so it will mean different things to different people.

So in the spirit of getting to know True Me a little better, here is the first (and what a good one it is) in our series of #teamtrueme.

Ellen Reed needs little introduction. We spent time on set with Ellen recently at our True Me brand shoot where we all fell in love with her gorgeous personality, incredible smile, determined spirit and refreshing honesty. While you’ve likely seen her in full glamour mode with that unforgettable bright red mane and mermaid curls, she’s very much the beautiful swan sailing across the top of the water while some furious paddling is happening below the surface.

So when we had a minute, we got right down to it and asked her all the big questions.


[True Me] We know (full well) that you are an incredible performer, but what other talents do you have up that (statement) sleeve of yours?

[Ellen] After leaving school I studied a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Music, Drama and Theology before going on to study voice (practical and theory) as well as spending time learning the ropes at the Harvest Rain Theatre Group and being a part of the Brisbane Birralee Voices for the last seven years. In 2016 I tried out for Channel Nine’s The Voice  where I got the last audition before earning my place on Jessie J’s team (making it all the way through to the Grand Final).


[True Me] What was the biggest thing you learnt about yourself from your time on The Voice?

[Ellen] Aside from being able to achieve the perfect eyebrow? It was an incredible experience that gave me the self confidence to pursue my dreams of being a full-time singer and songwriter.

Editor’s note: Ellen is also a songwriter, who writes and produces her own original material. Ah-mazing.


[True Me] What is something people might not know about you?

[Ellen] I work really hard every day to manage my own career. And I never surrender.


[True Me] What does the name True Me mean to you?

[Ellen] True Me gives me the confidence to be 100% myself.


[True Me] What is so important about being your True Me?

[Ellen] I would rather be disliked for the woman that I am, than like for someone I am not.


[True Me] Why do you think authenticity is so important?

[Ellen] As an artist, I am inspired by people that are brave enough to be true to themselves in their lives. By being my true self I hope I can inspire others to do the same.


[True Me] What have been some of the defining True Me moments in your life?

[Ellen] I’ve been bullied a lot through my life, so having a more public profile since my time on The Voice I’ve been able to use this platform to talk to young people around the importance of being kind, working hard, not giving up on their dreams and being their true self. I am always so encouraged by the response I get from young people when sharing these messages with them.


[True Me] Your hair is incredible. Have you always had such a striking colour and style?

[Ellen] I’ve always had curly hair which needed styling. When I was on The Voice I was lucky enough to have the incredible Stevie English  create this really vibrant red for me, which I now entrust to Alisha from Absolutely You Hair Salon and the phenomenal Jools Purchase.


[True Me] What kind of impact does your hair have on people?

[Ellen] People can see me from across the room! The red definitely stands out, which is great as a performer.



Swipe Right

It’s official. You’ve found us.

Welcome to #teamtrueme.

We are so excited to have finally launched (there have been more than a few happy dances in the office of late). And while True Me is all brand new and shiny, it’s actually been something that has been underway for some time. As it turns, out that whole ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ thing is true (#sooldbutsotrue). Especially when it comes to creating an electrical styling product which takes things to the next level.

Talk you through it? So glad you asked.

  1. True Me was created by the same people who brought you GHD and Cloud Nine
  2. True Me is a professional grade product, which you only get by having the very best technology and features.
  3. You might have noticed the True Me price point is pretty sharp (especially for a professional grade iron) with a price point of  $179.00 for either the True Me Original or Wide iron.
  4. Each True Me styler comes with an exclusive 3 YEAR warranty (don’t mind the capitals, but it’s a pretty important point).

But wait, there’s more? Ok, that was corny.

There is unique ion-lock technology (a bit technical but bear with us) that uses the negative ions on the hair to create a shinier, longer-lasting finish. Throw in some Keratin-infused ceramic plates and your hair will glide (literally) on through the styling process as you weave your way to #hairgoals.

A couple of other essentials on the True Me features list. There’s a 360 degree swivel cord to keep you from getting in a tangle, one-touch temperature control, protective heat guard, hibernation mode and universal voltage.

Phew! We think we’ve covered it.