The True (True) Me

So here’s the thing. Lawyers (there’s a bunch of them!) for Cloud Nine have made some demands (as they tend to do that) and thrown in a couple of threats (as they do) about some things that we have said.

But here’s the thing. When we first came up with the name True Me (company and product), we were serious. Being true to ourselves and our customers sits at the very core of what we do, and why we do it.

The (True) True Me

So, here’s the thing. Our products are not connected to any Cloud Nine products. They are made in different factories (and probably in different countries).

Ultimately, we don’t want anybody to think that True Me is associated with Cloud Nine. In fact, we compete with Cloud Nine. We believe we offer a great product for a great price and we believe that we do it better than Cloud Nine. And that, is the whole reason why we’re here.

A bit of history

True Me is about people, and about true people. True Me is a very small enterprise (we like to think we’re small but mighty) in comparison to GHD and Cloud Nine.

True Me’s founders include Gary Douglas, Greg Whatling and Leonie Whatling.

Here comes a (very) short little history lesson (because we know this kind of info can float some people’s boats).

Gary Douglas was previously involved in GHD. According to Wikipedia.

“Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, and Robert Powls founded GHD in 2001.”

According to the website GHD Compare

“GHD was founded in January 2001 by 3 entrepreneurs, Martin Penny, Gary Douglas and Robert Powls and based itself in Leeds. Robert Powls had vast experience in the hairdressing industry, having worked as a stylist, salon manager and even owning 3 salons employing over 100 staff. After finishing his career in salons he went into product distribution for several hair and beauty products. Like many successful entrepreneurs he recognised a gap in the market and when his friend suggested he take a look at a new flat iron he had been sent from a South Korean inventor, Robert had his eureka moment. He approached Gary Douglas and Martin Penny and together they acquired the production and distribution rights for the iron. GHD was born. GHD launched into salons across the UK …”

But what about our island nation? Where does that come into things? Well, as it happens, Greg and Leonie Whatling were the two (clever) people who were originally responsible for the launch and distribution of the GHD products in Australia. Greg Whatling was the managing director for GHD Australia for a number of years.

After the early years (we thought it was fun to call them that), Greg and Leonie Whatling became involved with the Cloud Nine brand and products. Gary Douglas and Greg Whatling were both involved with Cloud Nine in 2008 – and a company associated with Greg and Leonie Whatling was the first and exclusive distributor of the Cloud Nine products in Australia.

Here’s a bit of research. In 2010 Styleicons said:

“After much consideration, Greg Whatling, former managing director of ghd Hair Australia, will return to the industry he is so passionate about – sitting at the helm of electrical hair company, Cloud Nine beside company director, Leonie Whatling.

His mandate? To put salon and industry growth at the forefront of everything Cloud Nine produces. The husband-and-wife team, who were responsible for the launch of ghd into the Australia and New Zealand markets in 2002, are thrilled to join forces once again with a focus on bringing innovative electrical styling tools to the professional industry.”

The Nutshell

So, here’s what we know (i.e the truth). Greg and Leonie Whatling’s history and knowledge about hair styling products in Australia is legendary.

They are absolutely (150%) committed to the True Me concept, brand and team – and they want to make it absolutely clear that there is no connection between True Me and any of the big players.

True Me is about offering a truly great product at a truly amazing price (and that won’t ever change).